Friday, April 01, 2011

Poetry Friday -- NaPoMo and JPL

He's on his way!
A poet is coming to school!

We've been reading 
And rhyming,
Our voices are chiming:
A poet is coming to school!

...Wait a second...

Look at the walls!
Check the displays!
I think it's fair to say:
500 poets come to our school
Every single day!

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2011

Today is our school's author visit. Local poet, and the 16th winner of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, J. Patrick Lewis will be our guest. Our students have written amazing poetry in preparation for his visit. The halls of our school are alive with rhythm, rhyme, acrostics, haiku, free verse, and more.

What a great way to begin NaPoMo -- by spending the day with a poet! I am going to attempt to I am GOING TO write a poem a day again this year.

Yesterday, I also launched a NaPoMo game I'm calling PoetQRy QResponse. Details are here, and you can find some helpful information about QR codes here.

Today's Poetry Friday roundup is at The Poem Farm, hosted by the AMAZING Amy LV, who started out writing a poem a day last NaPoMo, and wound up writing a poem a day ALL YEAR LONG!

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!


  1. How COOL is that rebus!? I hope you all have a marvelous visit. And I hope the kids to remember that they are fortunate to have those 500 poets visiting daily!

  2. I think it's fair to say that your wee little genius poem should be the motto of every school that is celebrating NaPoMo.

    Enjoy the time with J. Pat (it must be FUN to be him and know that you managed to somersault so gracefully from one field into the next gotta-be-greener field) and good luck with your poem-a-day. I'd love to give it a try but I'm not sure this is the right year.

    And check your email. : )

  3. Love your poem, Mary Lee! Good luck with your poem-a-day -- what a bumper crop of poems you will be harvesting!

  4. My daughter would love to meet J. Patrick Lewis. She really likes his "Doodle Dandies" book. Hope all the students have a great time!

  5. What a fab, perfect poem to celebrate National Poetry Month! Love the 500 poets coming to school every day!

    Have fun with Pat Lewis. Lucky school! :)

  6. Mary Lee,

    Happy National Poetry Month! Have a grand time with Pat Lewis. He's the best!!!

  7. Mary Lee,
    I'm so behind on reading blog posts, but I had to check out Poetry Friday. You are so clever, and I love your spirit and enthusiasm. How blessed the children and staff are to have someone like you in their almost daily presence.

    I've started writing haikus with a friend. Have you ever heard of the book The Haiku Year? (see Amazon for details) Years and years ago I attempted a Haiku "challenge" with friends and family, inspired by this book. Some people participated. Now I found out a friend of mine loves haikus so, we've started to exchange haikus in the mail. Maybe I'll throw a poem in there as well, for National Poetry Month? Or she and I can share poems we love throughout this month, through the mail? Poems + Mail = A Delightful month of checking my mailbox!

    Happy Friday to you, and Franki!

  8. Mary Lee, I'm with Heidi that this should be shared with all students who have a visiting poet. You so honor them with your words here today. 'Hope your visit was magnificent. Jealous? Me? A.

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Love that celebratory poem. Enjoy the month!

  10. Anonymous4:28 PM

    oh my goodness, Mary Lee, what a marvelous rebus poem that should be a poster! Well done. I'm looking forward to your poetic journey this month.p

  11. Great rebus! Love your poem, too. I hope the kids had fun with Lewis!


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