Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Poem #6 -- Favorite Book

A Wrinkle in Time
takes me back to 6th grade --
I'm awkward and ugly and shy.

Just 75 cents
from Scholastic Book Club --
I keep my old copy close by.

Every couple of years
I revisit my old friend --
I listen or maybe re-read.

Meg Murray and I,
with the strength of our faults
battle evil with love and succeed.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2011


  1. A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorites, too, Mary Lee.

    A quote from Madeleine L'Engle that holds hands with your poem:

    "With each book I write, I become more and more convinced that the books have a life of their own, quite apart from me."

  2. Mary Lee,
    I didn't love WRINKLE IN TIME, but I do love your poem. Like you, books have been my way of figuring out the world all the way through school (and life actually). Thanks for this very special poem. I want to share it with kids and have them try it with one of their favorite books.

  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Oh I love that you took me back to that Scholastic Book Club. When I had $5 to spend, I felt so rich!

  4. Love love love this poem.

    I didn't read WRINKLE IN TIME. I don't know why I couldn't seem to get into it as a child, because if I read excerpts that were written about the book, I would be so intrigued. Your poem makes me want to pick up this book and try again as an adult.

  5. I loved the book as a child and as an adult! Thanks for the remider. It is time for a reread!

  6. I love your poem. I teach 6th grade and A Wrinkle in Time is always a choice in my fantasy unit. Students always pick it to read, and continue to tell me it is one of their favorites.

  7. I have that exact same cover on a hardbound edition of the book. I got it in elementary school. Memories.


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