Friday, April 29, 2011

Poem #29 -- Mammogram Twitkus

Luckiest bummer:
cancer found in first mammo...
thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years gone by
and still, test anxiety:
mammography day.

a dream -- you are sedated.
Mammo's a real smash.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2011

Again today, I urge you to take a minute to read David Elzey's twitkus (Twitter+haikus) from

the first week of poetry month
the second week of poetry month
the third week of poetry month

His twitkus have evolved from blues haikus and Burma Shave haikus into quasi-blues and bummers.

Yesterday's trio of haiku bummers were inspired by @delzey's twitkus, and it didn't take too much encouragement from Tabatha to try some more today. I don't like these three quite as much as yesterday's. They're not as punny. But sometimes you have to write about what's on your mind.

Coincidentally, the roundup for today is at Tabatha's blog, The Opposite of Indifference.

Happy Last Friday of National Poetry Month, but mostly, Happy Friday!


  1. Cuz, whilst giggling about the word "smash" in this poem, today I lift a glass to your continued health. Sláinte!

  2. i have to say, sometimes the poetic spirit doesn't allow for levity even when we want it. today's opening twitku for me was prompted by the disasters n the south.

    that said, this trio still manages to make light in the end (smashing!) which helps us deal with the darker elements in the beginning. there's hope in that humor.

    nicely done.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I have twittered a few haiku. Didn't know it had a name. Your twikus is one I am forwarding to some friends.

  4. I hear you on "mammos a real smash."

  5. I never do this, so please forgive me...If you change breeze to dream in the second twitku, it get a little punnier.

    When I went in for my colonscopy, I asked the Dr. to write the results on my hand, which he did. I forgot asking though, so I was surprised to find a cryptic message on my palm when I woke up.

  6. When discussing this topic, I don't believe anyone has ever made me giggle. Thanks very much, and for all your other clever wordplay! And congrats on the thirteen years!

  7. Blythe -- I TOTALLY agree on the word change! It makes all the difference! Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. By the way, I haven't ever done a twitku, but I do text message haiku all the time. Does that have a name?

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    "Mammo's a real smash" is one of my favorite lines of the week. Love the idea of twitkus, not to mention the word "twitku" itself.

    Continued good health to you!

  10. ooh I just love #28 (especially wringing out the season) but I can barely comment on the form or style of #29's as I am trying to imagine your luckiest bummer and what that must have been like. Impressed by your ability to be lighthearted about it, even after 13 years. I hope never to breeze through a colonoscopy, but if I do I will have the doctor write a message on my hand like Blythe!

  11. Yay on 13 years of health! And thanks for these twitkus. Hey, the best way to deal with the dark side of life is through poetry, whether it's funny poetry, tragic, or whatever. Thanks for sharing these!


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