Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Can Never Have Enough Books That Invite Readers to Make Car Noises, Can You?

I found two great books this week that somehow belong together.  Both are for those readers who just love cars, trucks, and vehicles.
MITCHELL'S LICENSE by Hallie Durand is great fun. Definitely one of my favorite reads lately--one I can't wait to share with kids. The story is about Mitchell, an almost four year-old.  Here is how the story begins:  "Mitchell never ever EVER wanted to go to bed.  Until his dad finally said he could drive there". This is one of those books where the words and the illustrations are both necessary in the story. Both play equal parts in the fun.
Through the text, we learn that each night, Mitchell inspects his car's tires, checks the engine, cleans off the windshield and drives.  The illustrations let us in on the fun. Mitchell's dad is the car and they both have a ball with this new bedtime routine.  This book is great fun.  The illustrations by Tony Fucile (of LET'S DO NOTHING and BINK AND GOLLIE) are perfect. They capture the spirit and the love in this relationship. Every page makes me smile.

Along with this book, I found another fun book-CARS GALORE by Peter Stein- that could go in a basket on cars, trucks and vehicles. This would also make for a fun read aloud but for totally different reasons.  This is a rhyming book filled with cars of every kind.   For example:

Black car, green car,
nice car, mean car.
Near car, far car.
Whoa! Bizarre car!

This book is fun to read aloud.  It will also make for a fun "I-Spy" type of reading where readers look for the cars described in the text.

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