Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Seed, Soil, SunI picked up quite the fun pile of books at the Debbie Miller workshop this weekend. One book that I am really excited about is SEED SOIL SUN by Cris Peterson.  This is a nonfiction book with gorgeous photographs.

I was surprised at how much I loved the writing in this book and how much I actually learned. I assumed this would tell me about plants growing as so many other books do.  But this book takes a unique look at the topic. Each page has several gorgeous photos accompanied by a bit of text giving details about the way plants grow. I loved information like this, "Microscopic one-celled bacteria that munch away on dead leaves and insects in the soil are so minute that it would take a thousand of them lined up in a row to reach across the head of a pin."  The author does a great job of creating visuals that help readers understand difficult concepts.

One of the interesting new things I learned, was, "Each handful of soil contains more living things than all the human beings on Earth."

The author does a great job of making this book accessible to young readers and at the same time introduces very sophisticated concepts ideas.

The length of this book makes it good for both read aloud and independent reading.


  1. Great new book for 5th grade life science. thanks

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Of course you would have to post about a book that gets me all excited and makes me start thinking about my MG WIP about a boy and plants instead my verse novel. hahaha...This looks great. Thanks!


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