Friday, April 08, 2011

Poetry Friday and Poem #8 -- Words That Give Me Hope

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I love you.
Come in!
I finished my book!
Thank you!
Don't worry, I can fix that!

How may I help?
Would you like seconds?
You want to play, too?
Is it okay to use the dictionary?
Are you feeling better?
Will you sign this petition?

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2011

Yesterday, I was (more than) a little discouraged about words I heard that were used to put down, tear down, shut down. That made me listen extra hard all day (in my world and in my heart) for words that were being used to build up, open doors, invite conversation, nurture, heal, and include. I'm feeling more hopeful about words...and about humans.

What are your favorite words to hear? What words give you hope...for your life, or for the world?

Poetry Friday (two of my favorite words, both together and apart!!!) is at Madigan Reads today. Happy Poetry Month!


  1. Your poem made me happy, Mary Lee! Thanks for sharing the good words.

  2. You can do it.
    I believe in you.

    Mary Lee - you are a person who uses words in this positive and uplifting way. Thank you for this poem today and all of the joy you spread throughout the kidlitosphere every day!

  3. Is it okay to use the dictionary? LOVE that one. I love me some dictionary time---mine has word roots in the back and illustrations along the margins and the edges are very worn and soft from use. The spine's falling out a bit, but I can't give it up.

  4. "YES"
    "Come here"
    "Don't go"
    "You're beautiful"
    "That was good"

    Just to name a few more! Thanks, Mary Lee. :)

  5. I love this!

    It offers a wonderful model for listening, writing, savoring.

    Also I want to use it at my weekly peace vigil which has been going since 9/11.

    Thank you!

  6. "I need a hug" -- because I usually need one, too. Thanks, Mary Lee. Here's an e-hug for you <>

  7. "I'm proud of you." I need to tell my children that more often.

    I also love to hear the words, "Will you read to me?"

  8. Yes!
    That's happened to me,too.
    There's lots more where that came from.
    Let's do lunch!
    Mary Lee's here :).

  9. Thank you.
    You're one of a kind.
    I love your words!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful words! I feel loved and hugged and HAPPY!

    Today it's easy to believe in the power of words for GOOD in the world!!

    PS -- the one about the dictionary are words that came out of a 10 year-olds mouth in my classroom! I was thrilled he knew it was the tool he needed and he was EAGER to use it!

  11. love the dictionary line as well, but i was even happier when i showed one of my girls my old dictionary from elementary school (from a yard sale! i didn't nick it!) and she said "can i have it?" she has access and uses other dictionaries, but she wanted that connection with MY old thorndike-barnhart.

    my favorite words are "wait a minute!" usually accompanied by a spontaneous look when a connection is made. that's a-ha moment that announces a new and valuable brain connection.

  12. Anonymous1:51 PM

    LOVE this poem, Mary Lee!

  13. I love the poem!
    Is it okay to post it on my facebook page with your copyright information or should I just put the link?
    I so want my friends and family to love poetry month like I do!

  14. Ramona,
    Thank you for being considerate about my work! Maybe you could do both -- post the poem (did you see yesterday's opposite take on the power of words) with my copyright AND post the link so that your friends and family can see (and join in on) the conversation. The talk around both poems has been as much fun (maybe more) than the poems themselves!
    Thanks again for asking!

  15. I love this post! You have some of my favorite words, as well as:

    "Come here"
    "I love this book"
    "I'm glad to see you"
    "I made you a gluten free cake"


  16. I love this poem!

    I went to a workshop by a Stenhouse author and thought of you all day today. I hope you are doing well.

  17. Another terrific one! I'm working on list poems with a first grade class! I want to try this with them!

  18. Anonymous1:05 PM

    You make me smile.
    It'll be okay.
    Care to dance?

    With gratitude for your poem and thoughts about words!

  19. Fantastic poem! Thank you for sharing.
    More than just the poem itself (which is great) is the IDEA behind it... to particularly listen for good, uplifting or encouraging words throughout the day.
    I think I will try that the next time I'm having a "low day"

    Thanks again.

  20. Anonymous12:09 AM

    This is such a happy making poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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