Thursday, January 11, 2007

Get to Know "Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

The girls at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast have a fabulous idea. My favorite blog idea since Lisa Yee's book title contest! They will be interviewing various bloggers so that we get to know them better. And they started with themselves! It is an interview that is great fun to read. When you read it, you realize how lucky we are to be part of the kidlitosphere. You will learn some VERY interesting things about Jules and Eisha, like that Jules can sing the alphabet as it appears on the keyboard (I believe this calls for a podcast AND a post explaining exactly how this happened!).

Enjoy the post. I look forward to more interviews on the site!
Thanks Jules and Eisha for a GRAND idea!

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  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    How can I sing the alphabet as it appears on the keyboard? Simply 'cause I'm a hugely huge nerd with a very active left brain. I was bored one day and just memorized it, I guess.

    Oh, and Franki, while I also don't live in my mom's basement and I don't rant and rave about politics in a blog, I am a 35-year old who doesn't get out much (well, about to be 35). Hee hee.


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