Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More on the Awards...

This is kind of like the day after my birthday (when I was much younger, of course). The anticipation was over and I started to look forward to my next birthday. I started to feel like that about the awards yesterday. That the fun was over and it was time to look forward to next year's award day. But, I am discovering that the fun continues! Hearing what others are saying about the winners is almost as much fun as waiting for the winners to be announced! I have been busy reading others' thoughts and reflections on this year's awards. So, if you don't want the award fun to end, check out these great posts!

If you have not read much on the winner THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY, Kelly of Big A, little a, has a great review posted as part of THE EDGE OF THE FOREST.

Betsy at FUSE #8 is back from her work on the Newbery Committee. She has posted about the experience on her blog.

Thanks to Jen Robinson, I read this great post by Cynthia Lord, author of Newbery Honor book RULES.

Thanks to Julie at Children's Illustration for the link to this excerpt from the Printz winner, AMERICAN BORN CHINESE
and a link to an interview with the illustrator of TO DANCE--another amazing graphic novel that won a Siebert Informational Book award.

Roger Sutton at Read Roger has a post reflecting on his work with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Committee selection of James Marshall.

Erin at Miss Erin shares her thoughts on the awards.

On a controversial note, Anne at Librarianne has a post concerning the "rumor" about ALA award committee members being banned from blogging. Certainly an interesting debate.

And, last but not least, Lisa Yee has announced the long awaited winner of the Lisa Yee's Bodacious Book Title Contest

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