Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reading for TWEEN Girls

So, I have a friend who is looking for some good books for her 12 year old daughter. She is dying to read Chick Lit stuff but so much of it includes so much dealing with sex. I am trying to find books that are appropriate for 11-12 year olds but that feel like Chick Lit. Bindi Babes? Help!

I have no idea what we read at this age. I must have gone straight from Betsy and the Boys to Flowers in the Attic!?

If you have any suggestions, I am going to buy her a stack of good, appropriate-for-a- 5th-grade-girl books for her birthday.


  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    What a great age range. I recommend the Beacon Street Girls by Annie Bryant. Also Shug by Jenny Han, and Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller. If you can get past the title, Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love by Maryrose Wood is also adorable. Or, for a historical suitable for any age, try Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. There are so many great new books out for this age range, Franki! Hope this helps.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    My first thought was Girls by Koss. It has the chic lit feel but is totally appropriate for 5-6th grade. Also, the chic lit series Clique is appropriate for middle school students and doesn't have the sex and drugs of many other chic lit series for teens.

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Thanks--I will grab all of these! So lucky to be the person who gives books as presents!

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Try these:
    Bloomability and Granny Torelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech
    Zebra Wall by Kevin Henkes
    Sammy Keyes Series
    T.J. Perkins's new series... I cannot recall the name of series, but it's a mystery series with strong girl characters.
    Good luck and let me know if these suggestions help!

  5. I really liked Me and the blondes, by Theresa Toten. It's like chicklit with a brain and a heart and it's not sexy, it's about finding real friends.

  6. The Tale of Emily Windsnap series is great and Secrets of My Hollywood Life series are good also. My daughter has read all of these and loves them. She checks the internet all the time to see if there will be new books in these series.

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    click here
    in their shoes- about careers
    A girl Like Moi
    Are you there God, it's me margaret-about puberty

  8. Anonymous9:20 AM

    At this age, I'd recommend
    Radiant Girl,
    Rebel Hart,
    Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies, Watership Down,
    Confetti Girl,

    And especially;
    The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
    The Trumpet of the Swan.


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