Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Great Adoption Story by the Author of I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY CAKES

EVERY YEAR ON YOUR BIRTHDAY by Rose Lewis is another great adoption story that I just picked up. I love it when I find a great new story about adoption. This one is a kind of sequel to I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY CAKES by the same author. Two great books that are part of our home library. Jane Dyer also illustrated both of them and the illustrations add to the celebration of th story. In this story, the mother reflects on her daughter's birthdays and how quickly she is growing up. She weaves a love of her birthfamily and her birth country (China) throughout the book. It is a happy book celebrating life, birthdays, adoption, and family. I am noticing that my daughter is outgrowing some of the adoption stories since so many are about the child's actual adoption. But, this book celebrates adoption beyond the actual adoption "event". I am hoping to find more books like this in the future for our children who want to see themselves in stories beyond the typical adoptions story--if that makes any sense at all. This one celebrates the child's life as she grows up, weaving in the fact that her birthfamily and birthcountry are all part of who she is becoming.

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