Monday, April 02, 2007

Teachers According to Clementine

I just finished THE TALENTED CLEMENTINE by Sara Pennypacker. I must say, I just can't get enough of Clementine. What a great character! As expected I totally love this second Clementine book. I was so excited when I saw it at the bookstore yesterday. The bad news is, I now have to wait for the next Clementine book. Really, this character is, for sure, one of my favorites of all time. She is full of life and the writing continues to be brilliant.

And, I think we need to add Clementine's teacher to our list of Cool Teachers in Children's Literature. What a great teacher! I can't seem to find a name but he definitely belongs on our list.

Now, Clementine seems to have teachers all figured out. Here are some things she says about us in this latest book. It is a little frightening, but she is usually pretty accurate. See what you think.

"I have noticed that teacher get exciting confused with boring a lot."

"But he ignored me, which is called Getting on with the Day when a teacher does it, and Being Inconsiderate when a kid does it."

"My teacher looked at me as if he suddenly had no idea how I'd gotten into his classroom."

"In school, my teacher started in with the 'Talent-Palooza' business so fast I thought it was the last part of the Pledge of Allegiance."

" I went up to his desk. I made quick secret-eyes all around behind there to look for the pizza and doughnuts everyone knows teachers eat when kids aren't looking..."

"There should be a rule about that. No laughing for teachers."

"My teacher made a face at Margaret's teacher. It meant they didn't believe that for a minute, but they had to say it anyway."

"If a teacher can have a substitute teacher, how come a kid can't have a substitute kid?"

"When I got back, Margaret's teacher gave me a look that said she was going to remember all this nonsense when I got into her grade."


  1. It sounds great...I can't wait to read it!!! I love Clementine!

  2. I took MotherReader's advice and put Clementine at the top of my to-read pile, well above the unread professional journals. Best advice ever! I can't wait to read the new one...and then go back and re-read them BOTH!

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to read it!!

  4. I loved Clementine, so I can't wait to read this new book. Thanks so much for this recommendation.

  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Fun fun fun fun fun!!!! I just adore this character and have been waiting eagerly. Thanks for the teacher's angle -- so funny!

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Just read the first Clementine book last week, so I'm overjoyed that there's a sequel! The kiddo loved the first one.

  7. Anonymous11:27 AM

    You're right about the teacher ... I also think the characterization of Miss Rice, the principal ("We both have food names!") is fabulous. She's drawn as this big mean forbidding-looking character, which is obviously how Clementine sees her, and yet as you read through her interactions with Clementine (especially in the second book) you see how generous and warm she really is, and how creative at dealing with this wonderful but obviously challenging child. Such great writing and illustration ... my daughter and I adore these books (my son won't admit he like them, but somehow ends up sidling into the room whenever we're reading Clementine aloud).


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