Thursday, April 12, 2007


I can already predict that this will be a new favorite during our class's Nonfiction Reading Time. HEY BATTA BATTA SWING! is a great new nonfiction book by Sally Cook and James Charlton. This is one of those longer-size picture books, about 45 pages. The book shares lots of interesting stories about baseball history. The illustrations give you the feel of the old days in baseball. The writing is perfect for kids in the middle elementary/early middle school grades. The narrative is good and easy to follow. The author embeds words and their definitions throughout the books. The subheadings help readers know what is ahead. I have been on the lookout for nonfiction books that invite readers to read cover to cover. So many that I have in my classroom have more of a magazine layout. This one is definitely one that you'd read from front to back. An enjoyable read with lots of interesting new info about baseball!

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