Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I just remembered one of my favorite resources: READING AND WRITING: WHERE IT ALL BEGINS. This is a publication put together by a local professional organization (The Literacy Connection). It is a great resource of parents and teachers and anyone who works with young children. I include it in all of my baby gifts. Lots of schools around here buy it for all of the Kindergarten and preschool students. It is a great parent resource for schools and libraries. Did I tell you the best part--it is only $1.50 per booklet.

The book is packed with information about ways to support your child as they become readers and writers-natural, authentic things to do when reading and talking about books. It has just been updated and there is also a Spanish version.

I know this must sound like a big advertisement--it is just such a great resource and when I saw it sitting on the counter at Cover to Cover, I realized that I needed to spread the word!


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I'd like to know where I could source for it. I also have a question that I'd like to ask offline (storabackup@gmail.com)


  2. Franki,
    So glad you put the link for the booklet. Very interesting. Thanks.


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