Friday, April 20, 2007

Poetry Friday--Bugs by David Harrison

Below is the first poem from this new, fun poetry book called bugs: poems about creeping things by David Harrison


Bugs moved under
my welcome mat.
If bugs can't read,
explain that.

I've always said
that bugs are pests,
but bugs who read
are welcome guests.

See why I had to buy this book! I am not a fan of bugs but I love this book. A great addition to our classroom poetry collection if I must say so myself. I love the size. It is very, very small. The poems are all fun and short. A great sense of humor. I am pretty sure the kids in my class will love it. They will certainly love the topic of bugs and the writing will give us lots to talk about. The black and white illustrations are also perfect--they remind me a bit of the illustrations in Valerie Worth's all the small poems. The illustrations are perfect for the poems.

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