Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The John Hancock Club by Louise Borden

What a lucky day we had today--Louise Borden came in to our class and read her new book to us--THE JOHN HANCOCK CLUB. This is a great story of Sean, a third grader, who is not so excited to learn cursive handwriting. But with the help of his teacher, Mrs. Tovani, he learns to have excellent penmanship and to join the classroom's John Hancock Club. Louise Borden weaves in facts about John Hancock as the students learn about him and his signature on the Declaration of Independence. Louise Borden has once again captured life in a great classroom. If you don't know her other school books, you'll want to check them out. THE DAY EDDIE MET THE AUTHOR is a story of a boy who gets to meet an author during an author visit at school. GOOD LUCK, MRS. K! is the story of a classroom of children and their support of their amazing teacher who is diagnosed with cancer. THE A+ CUSTODIAN is a great tribute to the important people who do the job of taking care of the school and the kids. (A favorite of mine because the teacher's name is Mrs. Sibberson :-) THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL captures the feeling of kids and teachers on that last day of school--the excitement of summer but the sadness of a good year finished. A great one for this time of year!


  1. Can't wai tto check these out. They look wonderful!

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I found Louise Borden reviews on this book site. You might find it interesting.


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