Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books I've Recently Added to My Poetry Collection

Years and years ago, I realized I didn't have a great poetry collection in my classroom.  So, I decided that year to really focus on only buying poetry books and really building that area of the classroom library.  Once I had 20-30 great poetry books, kids started to notice. Every since then, I try to add several poetry books a year to the collection and I now have tons of great poetry books for kids. April is such a fun month to add to my poetry collection--so many new titles being released and always not-so-new ones that I haven't yet discovered. These are the books I've added to my collection this year and I love them all!

DEAR HOT DOG by Mordical Gerstein

FORGIVE ME, I MEANT TO DO IT by Gail Carson Levine

AMAZING FACES  by Lee Bennett Hopkins


EVERY THING ON IT by Shel Silverstein

STEP GENTLY OUT by Helen Frost

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about great poetry books. I don't really read a lot of poetry but I have read "Inside Out and Back Again" by Thanhha Lai. It would be a good book to read during National Poetry month because it is creative and shows the world in a different perspective than you might have thought.

    Jordan, Grade 5, Riverstone International School, Boise


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