Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've Lost My Hippopotamus

I've Lost My Hippopotamus
by Jack Prelutsky
illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic
Greenwillow Books, 2012
review copy provided by the publisher

Kids just love Jack Prelutsky!

This collection has a different feel than the others. Maybe it's because James Stevenson isn't the illustrator. There are plenty of silly poems, but there are also some that are thoughtful...on a kid level.  Here's an excerpt of "I Planted a Whistle:"
I planted a whistle
And grew a flute,
I planted a shoelace
And grew a boot,
I planted a button
And grew a blouse,
I planted a whisker
And grew a mouse.
There are even a few haiku!

Tunnel! I tunnel!
I never see my tunnels,
Yet they comfort me. 

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  1. We have an ARC of this book that I mean to review soon. My first graders loves it! Thanks for posting.


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