Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pardon My French -- a poem about language


Do I parlez-vous Français?
Well, I really couldn't say.
I know that checkers are passé,
And what a fencer says: "Touché!"

Merci gives someone my thanks.
Money used to be called francs.
(Now they've euros at their banks).
Beyond these words, my mind's a blank.

No, wait! A lot is said "beaucoup,"
And ballerinas wear tutus.
When you're mad, shout, "Sacrebleu!"
That's enough of French -- "Mon Dieu!"

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2012

Poem #15, National Poetry Month, 2012

This poem goes out to Josie's husband, Jim. He gave me the title...or should we say, gave it BACK to me, since I'm the one who said it first?!?

The poem has nothing to do with the original context, but that's probably for the best...

Cathy, at Merely Day By Day, is joining me in a poem a day this month. Other daily poem writers include Amy at The Poem Farm, Linda at TeacherDance, Donna at Mainely Write, Laura at Writing the World for Kids (daily haiku), Liz at Liz in Ink (daily haiku), Sara at Read Write Believe (daily haiku), Jone at Deo Writer (daily haiku)...and YOU?


  1. Well needless to say, Jim and I sitting here hysterically laughing and I am guessing that he has never had a poem go out to him before! What fun and you pulled it off, shall we say without any "inappropriate" words. He was just talking about the tutu - and his need for a fourfour! We are honored to be mentioned, Merci beaucoup! And NO this shout out will NOT keep me from encouraging you...
    ps - Jim just shouted out to me, "she is a good writer" :)

  2. Voila...another winner! Well done...

  3. Oo la la-c'est belle! And Merci, too!


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