Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What's On My Kindle?

So, I am finally addicted to my Kindle Fire.  One of my favorite features of the Kindle is the ability to preview books. Sampling chapters makes so much sense and ordering sample chapters allows me to remember books I've heard about that I want to check out.

But my Kindle is getting filled with sample chapters and I need to sit down and really read these, decide which to order and which to delete.  I am almost using these sample chapters as a TBR list and that isn't working. It feels cluttery. So I need to weed, but I love this list of books. Here are the sample chapters I've added recently to my Kindle--thanks to the recommendations on twitter, goodreads, etc.

THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern-I actually bought this whole book after reading the free sample. It was recommended by Jen at TEACH MENTOR TEXTS during a Twitter conversations about romances. I fell in love with it immediately but haven't had time to read much. It is one I could read in a day if I could afford to give myself a full day to read....

STORY OF A GIRL by Sara Zarr. I LOVED HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by this author. I recently read a review of this older title and know I have to read it.  I am sure this is one I will purchase after the free sample.

When my 12 year old was looking for a great new book after finishing DIVERGENT (which she loved and I would add to my Kindle except that we already have a hard copy!), my tweeps jumped in and suggested several titles. She found several she wanted to read and so did I! Two that I added during that conversation were NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer and SWEEP by Cate Tiernan

I have a few adult novels that I keep hearing about.  I am dying to read more adult novels but feel so overwhelmed by all of the K-5 stuff I love and want to keep up with for my students.  But the adult novels I am sampling are UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand, THE SECRET LIFE OF CEECEE WILKES by Diane Chamberlain and APE HOUSE by Sara Gruen.

THINKING FAST AND SLOW by Daniel Kahneman was recommended by Samantha Bennett. It is really a fascinating read and I need time to digest this one.

I keep meaning to reread A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeline L'Engle. I think the last time I read it was in an undergrad children's literature class and I am dying to reread it. 

A YA book I have been hearing lots about is THE LIONS OF LITTLE ROCK by Kristin Levine. I put the sample on my Kindle and read a few pages and can tell I am going to love it. Just haven't had time to go back to it.

An adult nonfiction book that I sampled is HALF THE SKY: TURNING OPPRESSION INTO OPPORTUNITY WORLDWIDE by Nicholas Kristof. I actually read the entire free sample and was glued but it is pretty intense and I want to read this one later in the summer or sometime when I have time to digest it all.

I've also added several books that connect to my running/fitness goals.  These all looked interesting or have been recommended by friends.  They include WHAT I TALK ABOUT WHEN I TALK ABOUT RUNNING by Haruki Murakami, RUN TO OVERCOME by Meb Keflezighi, THE GREAT FITNESS EXPERIMENT by Charlotte Hilton Andersen, FORKS OVER KNIVES by Gene Stone, and THE PRIMAL BLUEPRINT by Mark Sisson.

So, the free samples for the Kindle is quite the perk.  I love that I can sample whatever I want and whenever I want. I love that at the end of the sample, I can buy the whole book with one click and in one second the whole book appears. I love the options. The downfall for me has been that I've done a lot of sampling lately and not much reading of whole books.  I often read at night and just pick up the book on my nightstand. But when I pick up my Kindle, there are soooo many choices--and the option of adding even more choices. It is a distraction I need to figure out.  But a distraction that I like as a reader.


  1. I suppose we could say with all the sampling that we're saving money. I have so many books piled up that I've bought because of a review or a personal recommendation but still haven't even sampled! And now you've given me a few more titles. A friend has loaned me The Lions of Little Rock so I'll begin that soon. Thanks for all the info Franki!

    1. Linda, I feel like I spend more money because I get hooked in a book and have to buy it to finish. Time (and receipts) will tell.

  2. Oh I loved the Night Circus and Divergent SO SO much!

    Chickadee Jubilee
    The Best Endings

  3. Thinking Fast and Slow was recommended to me at Educon this year. After it came up again several times in the weeks following I ordered it. When it arrived it scared me. It's huge and intimidating. Maybe I'll actually manage to read it this summer. I'm glad to have it come up again as a reminder.

  4. Franki,
    I fell in love instantly with my Kindle Fire. As you likely know, I've been using it with Evernote in the classroom. I love the Kindle so much that I recently saved enough money to consider an iPad, but have to say I thought it felt too big and bulky. So I'm sticking with the Kindle. It's absolutely perfect. It works well moving from applications, books, and browsing the web.

    However, I have to agree with your point here. I love samples of books. I'm not nearly the reader that most of my Twitter friends are. I read books slowly and usually have three going at one time. I'm a bit picky too. I don't love everything I read. Sample chapters have been my saving grace. I can read and decide if I want to buy. Honestly, it seems that because I hang until the end of the sample I am hooked and have to finish....and have to buy the book.

    I currently have Out of My Mind, The Power of Quiet, The Power of Habit (apparently I love Power in titles), Sarah's Key, and interestingly, Thinking Fast and Slow. Like you, I use this as a TBR pile. Like you I find it a bit too cluttery. I'm still trying to figure out ways to organize my Kindle.

    I'm going to make some people crazy here, but I actually like reading on the Kindle better than a book. I can carry more than one title with me all the time. It is easy to read at night - or in the car - without lights. It is perfectly comfortable in my hands. Surprisingly I even enjoy professional books on the Kindle because I can highlight and sort notes.

    I have to stop because I feel like a Kindle commercial. I'm shouting a big AMEN to your post.


    1. Apparently that could have been a blog post. Sorry to be so long winded. ;o)


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