Monday, April 09, 2012

LOOK DOWN -- a forest haiku


Tree stump and mushrooms --
two speckled brown and gold discs.
Forest floor surprise.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2012

Poem #9, National Poetry Month 2012

Cathy, at Merely Day By Day, is joining me in a poem a day this month. Other daily poem writers include Amy at The Poem Farm, Linda at TeacherDance, Donna at Mainely Write, Laura at Writing the World for Kids (daily haiku), Liz at Liz in Ink (daily haiku), Sara at Read Write Believe (daily haiku), Jone at Deo Writer (daily haiku)...and YOU?


  1. I saw you comment that you are so careful about titles, & this is a great one, Mary Lee. If you don't "look down" there is so much to miss. Guess those mushrooms are having a feast on the trunk!

    1. I am finding a good title to be one of the hardest things to accomplish. I agree with Linda, Mary Lee, you are quite good at it. What do you consider when titling a poem. I've been trying to take a surprising line or interesting phrase from the poem, but it doesn't always seem to work. Suggestions from either of you?

  2. I have always been intruiged by mushrooms, they are so ninja like! One day there is nothing and the next morning there can be a big surprise. Love how you captured that in this poem.

  3. Mushrooms freak me out and fascinate that last line, and shall now always think of the mushrooms I see on my hikes this way.

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    What a neat photo. The forest is really alive and full of surprise.

  5. Your haiku brings to mind the first field trip I'd take my students on every school year. We'd go for a walk in the woods and find all kinds of fungi, lichens, insect galls, salamanders. My students looked down...over, under, and all around.


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