Thursday, April 26, 2012



I am listening
to the poet George Bilgere
and imagining my first poetry reading,
someday in the unknown future.

I, too, will walk right up to people
at the wine and cookies reception.
I will introduce myself
as the guest of honor and ask them
about their interest in poetry.

The first poem I read
will be the one about the lucky day
when I started a new roll of toilet paper
in two different public restrooms.

That was a day that started with
strong tea
and ended with
salty French onion soup and
a perfect

Just before the onion soup on that lucky day,
I listened
to the poet George Bilgere
and imagined my first poetry reading,
someday in the unknown future.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2012

Poem #26, National Poetry Month, 2012

Art imitates life.

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  1. This completely made my evening, Mary Lee. I love it! I will be there at that poetry reading, my friend, and I will bring you another strawberry tart, and we will eat it together in the hotel room after that reception. Deal? a.

  2. Mary Lee,
    I plan to be at that event! I loved the way you wove us through this story and back. The small details you used - toilet paper rolls, strong tea, strawberry tart - made me feel such a part of the moment.


    1. I tried to take on Bilgere's poetic "accent" with this poem.

      You know how it is sometimes when you listen to a speaker with an accent, and then you accidentally start talking with their accent? Well, I tried to do that with my writing!

      Is anybody who knows Bilgere's work willing to let me know whether or not I succeeded...even a little?

  3. Count me in too. I look forward to this celebration of listening to beautiful poetry and envisioning the vivid pictures in my mind.

  4. Captivating. Love the imagery and the rhythm. This will play great at your future reading.

  5. Oh I can't wait to hear, even if it just virtually, about YOUR first poetry reading.

    Love love love the perfect day with toilet paper. You always make exquisite word choices.

  6. I wish I could say something wise about the accent, but I don't know. I do know that your tone was more formal than usual & you spoke with such seriousness that I noticed the change. Lovely poem, Mary Lee. I look forward to your big event!

  7. :-) I have to admit that I haven't even heard of George Bilgere - eek. But I do love this poem - and I'll make sure I catch the next one. Congratulations on keeping going all through April - that's impressive.

  8. I read this poem three times and then a fourth time out loud to my husband because it is so unique and engaging to me. I love the story it tells, taking me through a day, a hope and a wish (to come true). It has humor (any time toilet anything in is anything you have to giggle). It has wine, cookies, tea, soup and tarts. I am so inspired by the amount of what you shared in so few words and that I was begged to read and re-read this because it is that good.

    1. Best. Compliment. Ever.

      :-) (ear to ear, in case you couldn't tell...)

      Also, thanks for being such a faithful supporter of my poetry writing this month, Betsy. I haven't been such a good blog visitor and commenter, but I'm looking forward to getting back to those habits when my poetry writing doesn't have to take up quite so much of my time/brain!!

  9. I will be in the crowd, that very big crowd...

  10. Please let me know the date, time, and place of your first poetry reading. I'll be there--as long as I'm not babysitting for my granddaughter.

    P.S. I think that "unknown future" may not be too far off.


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