Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WHY TAI CHI? - a metaphor poem


Tai Chi is a deliberate dance,
both solitary and in tandem.

It is a chorus
sung with body instead of voice.

You are rooted
to the floor,
yet bending
in invisible wind.

Begun with a mind full,
you end mindful:


© Mary Lee Hahn, 2012

Poem #10, National Poetry Month 2012

Yesterday I got to Tai Chi class a little early, and so did a woman who was going to try the class for the very first time. She asked me to tell her what Tai Chi was like, and I found that the only way to really describe it was with metaphor.

I hope she'll keep coming back for a few years, because Tai Chi is NOT as I describe in my poem until you are deeper into the practice than the first few months of struggling to keep up while feeling very self-conscious.

Hmm...that's sounding like the growth of a writer, isn't it?

I've blogged a couple of times about Tai Chi, and last year I wrote a Tai Chi acrostic.

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  1. My sister-in-law is a Tai Chi teacher & tells me so much of what she has received through it. I love your poem, Mary Lee & am beginning to think I use too many words. You are the mistress of just the right word, I believe. Thank you for this today.

    1. I cut A LOT of words out of this poem before it felt quiet enough to be about Tai Chi.

      And about Tai Chi -- you should try it. But give it time to take hold of you.

  2. Beautiful poem! I especially love the lines,
    "It is a chorus
    sung with body instead of voice."

  3. self

    It takes a lot of disciplined cutting to get perfection like this!

  4. Mary Lee,
    Another lovely poem! The word choice in this poem, as in all of your work, makes the poem a lyrical delight. I'm amazed at the way you can take something ordinary and shine a new light on it to capture its hidden beauty. Today my favorite line was " both solitary and in tandem." There is something about their opposing meanings that is striking.


  5. Amazing how so many things in life are a metaphor to the process of writing, I am constantly amazed by this! Lovely poem, so glad you are challenging yourself with TAI CHI and this dance of poetry!


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